• Norman Bartie

Local Business - Owner Operators Getting On Board

Out 'n' about talking to businesses lately and, today, some owner operators in the earthmoving game. Firstly, the relationships are of the kind that 26 years in the civil construction & earthmoving industry has seen some of us take over from our fathers and grandfathers alike. So when we talk about a business that founded "It's NOT Your Fault" a campaign for children affected by domestic violence, loss and trauma, its heart felt as we have seen many families and children especially affected.

Why do these relationships, mate-ship, friendships mean a lot? Well, there is a massive shortage of skilled operators, and this problem is only getting worse. The days are pretty much gone where young ones could go to work after school, jumping in machinery under Dad's supervision, and for a good reason too! On one hand we have health and safety as a high priority, and some of the cultures developed around these areas, but this has also inhibited the growth of grass roots operators, along with other varying constraints also. Now we are doing something about it.

It is always a pleasure to be getting out and about with old mates. Especially when I am asked to demonstrate in a mates grader, how to cut a batter haha It's why I love machinery. It was more than a pleasure to get in, saddle up & show em what I got.

'The Change In Workplace Culture" -Traditional & Holistic

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