• Norman Bartie

Say NO to child abuse #notonmywatch

iLH-Australia Group was founded to promote awareness around defenceless & innocent children  affected by domestic violence, loss & trauma.

'Its NOT Your Fault' campaign aims to continue running more wellness retreats for children and help them via life education. We promote 3 things to help these children heal - a SAFE, SECURE & HEALTHY environment.

We have had a great movement with businesses, who see the need and who identify with us as being able to do something using the network of the Corporate Business Sector to give to these children who, in most part, have seen the darkest of human behaviour & truly blame themselves.

Comfort packs are handed out with phone cards, personal clothing, toiletries and contact numbers that children are able to put in their rooms for safe keeping in case the time comes where they must flee their homes in the middle of the night.

Safe houses are also implemented where possible and needed for children to go to until the worst of the situation has passed.

Head to our Facebook page and take the 'Its NOT Your Fault' campaign Oath -

"I will not let children think child abuse is their fault"

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