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What  is a   Wellness  Digger?

Wellness Diggers is an initiative that integrates a regenerative business with an innovative set of strategies, techniques, and responsible business practices that organisations can use to create financial value, and positive Wellness  Diggers partnerships goes beyond sustainability, acting as a beneficial force in our community and its future.


By engaging with iLH-Australia Group, corporate businesses  have the opportunity by way of job placements, plant hire you support the profits from our business to be used to continue the help Aliveness In You Wellness provides in supporting children of traumatic circumstances and domestic violence.


Even though 'It's NOT Your Fault 4 Kids Inc' is a charity, we decided that even though there is deep trauma placed on and around these children, we still have to teach them by our own actions that if you want something you must work for it. So instead of asking for donations (taken where particulars fall short) we set up a company that engages those in need of work and ethical businesses who require workers, to come and work for the funds required to help children and our cause.


Regenerative business leaders have transformed their organisations from ones that mostly benefit their immediate stakeholders, into powerful forces for creating healthy communities & holding 'Life Education' programs around the country for those children in need who are left to make sense and choices long after the causes of such traumatic domestic violence situations.

Even the law pulled me over for a photo,