• Norman Bartie

Corporate Wellness Collective Newsletter

Well it is finally here, the Supply Nation 'Connect 2018 Indigenous Business Tradeshow Shaping An Inclusive Economy' expo in the beautiful Sydney.

As we are about to launch our Corporate Wellness Collective 'Adopt A Wellness Digger, Wellness Labourer & Wellness Posi Track' initiative which is designed to support our national campaign 'Its Not Your Fault' wellness retreats for children affected by domestic violence, trauma and loss, we too get to connect with the ethical businesses who are at the centre of change for 'ALL' Australians as a diverse & multicultural society.

We have now been allocated our spot at the expo and are eagerly awaiting the very anticipated amazing event. With there being so many of Australia's largest construction companies its a great start to our journey in the Australian market giving light to our wellness based iLH-Australia Groups Civil, Mining, National RII Training, Plant & Labour Hire company.

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